THE OISHII TEAM BELIEVES in delivering fresh, delicious Japanese inspired food for visitors from all walks of life. Each meal can be personalized based on the customer's dietary needs/restrictions and crafted in-house to meet our freshness and taste requirements.

We prioritize our customer's needs and your time - whether it may be a quick meal in-between classes, or a gathering with close ones - we value the experiences our customers create with us and strive to inspire conversations about our food with others. Our menu was designed with you in mind - affordability, taste, convenience - and our goal everyday is to cook up nourishing and satisfying meals that will leave you saying "oishii!!!". Though we are a small business, we also value our your opinions, and have recently switched to eco-friendly packaging. 



our food

over three decades in the food industry

Ramen | warm noodle soup

AKA wheat noodles topped with veggies ( think green onion, nori, corn, cabbage), egg and optional meats simmered in homemade broth that we spend 5-6 hours preparing each day. Don't mind us, we can eat our chashu pork all day, every day. 


Your choice of white meat chicken, ny strip beef, or jumbo shrimps and fresh garden vegetables is placed over the sizzling Teppanyaki grill, and with the additional of our signature "yum yum" sauce makes an irresistible meal. 


We feature a wide selection of hand-crafted sushi rolls prepared when you order. None of that "made the day before" nonsense. 

snacks + soups + salads

Looking for a quick snack? Our popular small plates, including takoyaki, salads, miso soup & wings are meant to satisfy any craving. (Hint hint: affordable too.)  If you're a vegetarian, you'll find many tasty selections there.